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Electrical Panel Upgrades in Santa Rosa, CA

Installing Energy-Efficient Electrical Panels Throughout California & Beyond

The old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” might work for some things, but when it comes to your property’s power, it couldn’t be further from the truth. With the speed at which spaces grow, acquire more technology, and change, it is crucial to have an electrical panel that meets your current needs while allowing flexibility to expand in the future. Enter Sigal Utility Services. Our skilled and highly experienced team offers expert electrical panel installation upgrades to commercial, industrial, and utility properties throughout California and across the United States. Our qualified technicians will help take an overworked or outdated electrical panel into something you can count on for years to come.

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When to Consider an Electrical Panel Upgrade

We depend on electronics to help our properties run smoothly. Whether that means your home’s refrigerator, business’s computer network, or industrial park’s security scheme, these systems need a breaker panel that is up to the task.

8 signs you need an electrical panel upgrade:

  1. Your property is over 30 years old
  2. The panel is warm to the touch
  3. You hear crackling noises from your panel
  4. Your equipment can’t seem to run at full capacity
  5. Your panel trips often
  6. The lights flicker or dim sporadically
  7. You are looking to upgrade or add more appliances or equipment
  8. You are depending on power strips to avoid electrical issues

Advantages of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Are you considering upgrading your electrical panel? Here are some benefits that might convince you to take the leap:

  • Increased safety: Older panels may not meet modern safety codes and may pose a fire or shock hazard. Upgrading your panel can improve your home's safety and protect your family and property.
  • More power: As you add new appliances and electronics to your home, your electrical system may struggle to keep up. Upgrading your panel can give you the power you need to run everything smoothly and prevent overloads.
  • Better efficiency: Older panels may be less efficient and waste energy, leading to higher bills. A new panel can improve your home's energy efficiency and save you money in the long run.
  • Higher home value: Upgrading your electrical panel can increase your home's value and make it more attractive to potential buyers. It's a smart investment that can pay off down the road.

Overall, upgrading your electrical panel can bring many benefits to your home and family.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Costs

The cost of an electrical panel upgrade will be different for every case. There are many factors that play a role in estimating a price. For the best estimate on panel upgrade cost in California, be sure to contact us about your specific needs to further discuss.

Why You Shouldn't DIY Electrical Panel Replacement

When it comes to replacing an electrical panel, it's best to leave the job to a qualified electrician. This is because electrical panel replacement involves dealing with intricate wiring systems and components that demand specialized skills and knowledge. Trying to DIY this task without proper training can pose serious risks, including electrical hazards and accidents. Electricians are well-versed in handling such complex tasks, guaranteeing that the replacement is carried out safely and accurately. By hiring an electrician, you ensure that the job is done professionally, safeguarding both your home and electrical system.

Custom Electrical Panel Solutions for Your Unique Needs

At Sigal Utility Services, our goal is to deliver honest, high-quality services you can count on. That is why our talented technicians only use the most advanced equipment on the market and customize every solution to suit the needs of your unique property. Whether you are interested in adding more equipment to your industrial space, or you have recently moved to a house that was built before 1960, our team will know exactly how to help. We begin every electrical service with a thorough audit to determine the best course of action and then work with you to design an upgrade that will meet your power requirements long into the future.

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