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California Utility Services

Experienced Utility Technicians in California & Across the United States

Sigal Utility Services has decades of combined industry experience, and we pair this expertise with the most advanced equipment on the market to offer properties both big and small high-quality utility services. We offer our innovative and effective solutions to clients in California and across the United States.

Our utility services include:

  • High Voltage Rental Equipment: Trust Sigal Utility Services to provide access to the most advanced monitoring and testing equipment, to help create a safe and efficient environment.
  • Disaster Preparedness & Planning: Make sure your property can withstand any disaster with our expert electrical preparedness and planning solutions. We will perform a detailed inspection, provide a thorough report, and offer expert installation, repair, and upgrades when needed.
  • Emergency Generator & Electrical Services: Get the fast, effective, and durable generator and electrical repairs you need, exactly when you need it. We offer same-day repair and replacement solutions.
  • Plan Maintenance Work: We offer some of the most advanced high voltage maintenance plans on the market to commercial, industrial, and utility clients.
  • Protective Relay Upgrades & Installation: Our team carries state-of-the-art microprocessor protective relays and seamlessly installs them for the ultimate protection.
  • High Voltage Systems Testing: Our trained technicians offer reliable and high-quality high voltage systems testing to ensure all of your equipment is running safely and efficiently.
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Providing Unmatched Utility Solutions to California & Across the United States

Our experienced and highly qualified technicians have yet to come across an electrical problem we cannot solve, and we take pride in providing the fast and effective solutions your property deserves. We specialize in issues facing large-scale properties most, and have extensive experience working with commercial, industrial, and utility clients. Whether you need high voltage testing, ongoing maintenance work, or electrical repairs and upgrades, you can count on Sigal Utility Services to have the skill, manpower, and equipment to get the job done correctly, on time, and on budget.

Our team is standing by to hear about your unique utility concerns. Call us today at (707) 418-9010 or fill out our online contact form.

"like A High-Voltage Swiss Army Knife"

  • We Serve the Entire West Coast & Wherever You Need Us
  • Using the Most Advanced Equipment in the Industry
  • Offering Commercial, Industrial & Utility Services
  • Decades of Combined Industry Experience
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