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California Electrical Services

Sigal Utility Services provides a full range of electrical services to properties of all sizes throughout California and across the United States—with no job being too big or small. We strive to deliver solutions that are not only effective but also energy-efficient and durable, so you can enjoy years of reliable and affordable power. With decades of industry-leading experience, we have built a solid reputation for service performed with integrity, quality, and safety at the forefront. So, whether you need a new light installed, complete property rewiring, or fast troubleshooting solutions, our team will be by your side in a flash to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Our electrical services include:

  • Electrical layout and design: Whether you are undergoing new construction, building a new addition, or renovating an existing property, it is important to have a detailed electrical design to ensure success. Our team will work with you to custom design your circuit layout and electrical system from top to bottom.
  • Energy audits: Stop wasting money every month on higher-than-usual energy bills by contacting us for a detailed energy audit. We will thoroughly evaluate your property, deliver a detailed report, and offer suggestions on how to create a more comfortable and energy-efficient space.
  • Generator services: From installation and inspections to repair and replacements, our team offers best-in-class generators to both homes and large-scale commercial, industrial, and utility properties.
  • Wiring and rewiring: If you have noticed flickering lights and warm outlets, or you are simply looking to add more equipment to your space, call to schedule a rewiring service.
  • Electrical installation and repair: With decades of combined industry experience, our electricians can seamlessly install and repair virtually every aspect of your electrical system.
  • Electrical panel upgrades: Replacing an electrical panel with an updated system requires precision and training. Our highly qualified professionals will make the process a breeze and get your system back up and running—and better than ever—in no time.
  • Surge protection: Protect your most crucial electrical appliances and equipment through the use of our innovative surge protection solutions.
  • Lighting upgrades: Our skilled electricians can upgrade both internal and external lighting systems to ensure they meet you needs, budget, and personal style.
  • Low voltage wiring and service: For optimal network connectivity, turn to us for expert low voltage wiring, inspection, and repair.

For experienced electrical solutions that are second to none, call our team today at (707) 418-9010.

Commonly Asked Questions

What electrical services does Sigal Utility Services offer in California?

At Sigal Utility Services, we offer a comprehensive suite of electrical services suitable for properties of all sizes throughout California. Our offerings include electrical layout and design for new constructions, renovations, and additions, energy audits to help you save on monthly bills, generator services for homes and commercial entities, as well as wiring and rewiring services to ensure your property's electrical system is safe and efficient.

How can an energy audit from Sigal Utility Services benefit my property?

An energy audit from Sigal Utility Services can significantly benefit your property by identifying areas where you may be losing energy and consequently, money. Our thorough evaluation will provide you with a detailed report, pinpointing inefficiencies and suggesting actionable solutions to enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of your space, leading to potential savings on your energy bills.

What makes Sigal Utility Services's generator services stand out?

Our generator services at Sigal Utility Services stand out due to our commitment to quality and reliability. We cater to a wide range of properties, including residential, commercial, industrial, and utility, offering everything from installation and inspections to repair and replacements. Our best-in-class generators ensure that you have a dependable power source when you need it most.

Why should I consider rewiring my property with Sigal Utility Services?

Considering rewiring your property with Sigal Utility Services is essential for safety and functionality. If you're experiencing issues like flickering lights or warm outlets, or if you're planning to add more equipment to your space, our rewiring service can help prevent potential hazards and ensure your electrical system can handle the increased load, thereby enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of your property.
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Our team at Sigal Utility Services has yet to come across an electrical problem we haven’t been able to solve. We work with commercial, industrial, and utility properties throughout California and across the United States—delivering electrical solutions that go above and beyond industry standard. You can count on us for fast response times, state-of-the-art products and equipment, and friendly, knowledgeable, and honest electricians.

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